The Modafino Stylist Memberships

Our Business Model | "How it Works"

As you know, working as a stylist is not the same today as it was 20 years ago. So why are salons today using the same tired business models? If you are a new to the industry you can work at a chain salon to hone your skills for an hourly wage. If you have the skills, you can either work for a commission salon as an employee, be told when you can come and go and only keep half of your money. Or you can be your own boss in an isolated suite dealing with a landlord and having all the headaches of a receptionist, accountant and inventory manager. Working at a commission salon is great for stylists trying to build a clientele and booth rental is great for independence. Commission salons are full of rules and rental suites have no one to interact with and learn from. “I have heard so many times commission stylists complaining about salon management and booth renters complaining about the extra work, headaches and the loneliness of being isolated in a small room,” says Tommy O. “I wanted to create an environment where you can learn skills, build a client base and maintain independence.”

The Modafino model is much-like a gym membership. You pay a low monthly membership fee ($100 or less), set the hours you want to work, and your clients can book appointments through your personal salon Facebook page or the Modafino Salon website during your available times. You get access to the online booking, the answering service, the towel service, and the concierge service of a five-star hotel to greet and comfort your clients while they wait for you. You also get all the firepower of a national advertising campaign under the Modafino brand. Your customers will love how they are treated like Queens (and Kings). You also earn a 20% commission on all Modafino Haircare Product sales with a five-star concierge to help you close the sale. The only requirements are; you must use Modafino haircare and hair color products exclusively, you must see at least 10 customers per week and give a little something to the salon for the customer service per client. This means you can keep up to 90% of what you earn per client. Where else can you do that and not have the headaches? If you are still in school or just out, we have an hourly package for you too!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, click the apply now button, put stylist in the subject line and tell us what you want to do. Or you can call us and set up a time for an interview. We are looking for people to help us build a national brand. Join us for the ride.