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Tommy O

Master Stylist | Visionary

Tommy O has a dynamic personality that immediately puts one at ease. You must meet him to understand. He has been recognized as a hair-product expert and innovative hair stylist, he greets clients personally with his undeniable warm and friendly Midwest personality as they enter his flagship salon.

Tommy O grew up in Nebraska with his family. His Father, an ex-Airborne Ranger and hair stylist himself, taught Tommy that anything was possible with innovation and hard work. Soon after finishing beauty school and working for his father in Nebraska, Tommy found himself working for Universal Pictures doing hair for the film “To Wong Foo.” Tommy O knew then that he found his calling. He continued to work in the salon and in the film and television industry. Soon after he moved to West Hollywood and began to work at world-famous Giuseppe Franco Salon in Beverly Hills. Not long after Tommy decided to get back to his roots and opened the pioneering “Tommy O’s Rock & Roll Salon” in Omaha, Nebraska. The first salon in the country to include tattoo, body piercing and cocktails. Tommy then started to work on innovative products that his clients were requesting and could not find.

Currently, Tommy is expanding his line of hair-care and hair color products in his new venture, Modafino. Due to its popularity, the product-line is growing. Tommy O's success is undeniably due to his unrivaled work ethic and grounded personality. His unwavering dedication to his salon and clientele has garnered him immense entrepreneurial attention. His products will be featured in some of the country's leading fashion and beauty magazines soon. Tommy O is among the most recognized and respected beauty experts with devoted clients. He is a firm believer in charity work has implemented work with United Luv, a foundation dedicated to kids with cancer. Tommy O takes great joy in the occasional complimentary haircuts for special needs, which partnered with his infectious smile and high energy, brings joy to those around him.

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Bonita R

Hair Stylist | Makeup Artist

Bonita Rickers (Ponca Tribe of Nebraska) joined the Modafino team as a stylist in June 2019. She began her cosmetology journey in 2004, doing hair and make-up for local theater and film productions, and later attended Paul Mitchell The School. With a background in environmental activism, visual arts, and eco-friendly business, Bonita strives to provide beautiful, low-maintenance cuts and colors to her clients using Earth-conscious products. Furthermore, Bonita LOVES curly hair! She is always ready to help you embrace your natural hair with intuitive cutting and styling advice. When she is not doing organic hair, Bonita enjoys vintage mopeds, Argentine tango, and knitting.

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As a STYLIST, our concept is not a commission salon, a booth rental suite or a walk-in chain salon. We are a membership salon. This means you pay a low monthly membership and you keep up to 90% of what you make. You can work as little or as much as you want. We simply want top level talent to help us develop our hair-care and hair color products. If you are an established stylist and are working at a commission salon or even renting your own suite, you will fall in LOVE with our vision when you no longer have all the headaches of managment. If you are a newbie with a lot of drive and talent you can grow with us. We have a plan for all highly talented stylists. Come in and check it out!




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