Healthy Hair Growth

by Tommy O

Healthy hair growth starts at the roots. If your scalp is too dry or too oily it may mean,  your  natural oil glands may be out of whack.  If the hair follicles are producing too much oil, it may breed bacteria and cause oily flakes.  Dry scalp can be caused by products leaving a buildup on the scalp. We recommend using the Modafino 3 pack.

Everyone’s hair naturally grows at different rates. You just shouldn’t compare your hair growth to someone else’s or even your own at a younger  age. You will come away frustrated. Curly hair usually seems to grow slower than naturally straight hair. Either way, the best way to promote hair growth, is to treat your scalp with every shampoo.  Here are a few other tips for maintaining a healthy scalp.

Wash your hair with a Modafino Voluptuous Shampoo every 2 to 3 days. If you wash more often than that, you may strip away your scalp’s natural oils. If you shampoo daily or more, you can substitute the properties of your natural oils with with Modafino Voluptuous Conditioner.  You can condition your hair follicle and strands by massaging the Modafino Voluptuous Conditioner into your scalp for 5 minutes.

You can also wait longer  to preserve a blowout, if you’re prone to dry scalp. However, if you’re prone to dry scalp, a daily shampoo will definitely help as long as you use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo like Modafino Voluptuous, so it won’t dry out your scalp.

Conditioning your roots every time you wash, contrary to what you’ve heard, can actually improve your hair’s volume. especially if your scalp is on the dry side. Conditioner does for your scalp what moisturizer does for your face. Rinsing well after will keep your hair from looking flat.

Gently brushing your hair and scalp before you hop in the shower will also help the condition of your scalp. The brushing will remove dead skin cells that can clog hair follicles and inhibit new hair growth.

If you have a problem with split ends, The Modafino Voluptuous Leave-in Treatment is a live saver. The trick to the Voluptuous Leave-in Treatment is to only spray it (in short, quick bursts) onto the ends. It is heat activated, so using your hot blow-dryer, curling-iron or flatiron will fuse the split ends and protect the rest of the ends from the heat while adding shine and condition.

Whether your hair grows like a rabbit or a snail, the Modafino Voluptuous Trio will help it grow faster, thicker and healthier.  Just remember, the best way to promote hair growth, is to treat your scalp and your hair with great hair care products that treat both.

Photo by Kathy Rae
Photo by Kathy Rae
Photo by Kathy Rae
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