The Salon With a Conscious

The Salon With a Conscious

Sid Munger | 1/22/2019

For all those who enter Lincoln, Nebraska’s, Modafino Salon, a new hair salon at 5600 South 59th, the experience is as much about how they observe nature as how they feel when they leave. Tommy O, owner of Modafino Salon says, “The name of the salon actually means High Fashion. I didn’t want to use the French ‘Haute Couture’ like they do on the runways. I wanted it to be unique, so I used a combination of Italian and Latin to form the word Modafino.”

Tommy has been in the hair business for over 25 years, working in salons, runways, movie sets and doing platform education from Beverly Hills to Miami to New York City. Modafino salon was officially opened on June 5th of 2018, but just started full operations on January 1st, 2019. The salon offers all hair services for men and women including hair cutting & styling, hair coloring, perming & relaxing and hair extensions.  

What sets Modafino salon apart from other salons in the area, is Modafino’s concern for the environment, Tommy says, “We are part of the new wave of sustainable salons.” He adds, “We try to recycle 100 percent of all of our salon waste, and we are the only salon in the area that offers organic hair coloring services.”

Glass, paper and metal recycling is not a new concept however, Tommy says his salon was built from re-purposed and recycled materials. “I always try and use environmentally friendly materials, from gloves to bottles, the disposable items are up-cycled into energy when possible.” And he says, “Most people don’t know that even shorn hair can be used. It can be placed into pantyhose and used to absorb oil spills.”

Tommy says that since construction was complete last June, he has continued to find the most environmentally friendly and/or re-purposed equipment and materials, including the hair stations and dryers. “We use Eco-heads on the sinks,” he says. “They use 65 percent less water than standard ones.” Tommy says the heads also help provide comfort for the person in the chair, with minimal splash.

The salon is teamed up with Modafino hair-care products and Seven hair-care products another independent and environmentally friendly hair-care company out of Seattle.  According to Tommy, both Modafino and Seven use organic materials in all their products. “We don’t use any petrochemicals in our products,” he says. “They build up and make hair feel heavy.” Tommy says the company works in conjunction with Seven products. “It’s more of a partnership,” he says. “I wanted to build a company that has a conscience and a mission and so does Seven.”

Teresa Chaffin, a hair color manufacturer representative in Lincoln and Omaha, says more environmentally conscious salons are needed in the area. “Lincoln is long overdue for businesses with this kind of practice,” she says. “It clearly sets them (Modafino Salon) apart from their competition.” Chaffin says, that she has been going to Modafino since before they were officially open, and besides getting a great service for her entire family, she knows Tommy is trying to do all he can to help sustain the environment. “It makes it that much easier to come to my brother’s salon when I know he is on the right track,” she says.

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  • What: Modafino Salon.
  • Where: 5600 South 59th | Suite 105 | Lincoln NE 68516
  • Hours: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday & Friday; 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday &  Thursday; Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Offers: Student discounts, Referral Program and many more benefits and rewards.
  • For information: Visit or call 531.500.4880.

4 Amazing Hair Colors for Winter 2019

4 Amazing Hair Colors for Winter 2019

The NEW Modafino Winter hair colors for 2019 are amazing!  Below is just a sample of what we are doing this Winter. We have compiled a variety of colors for you to customize to your specific look.  These 4 amazing hair colors for Winter will be everywhere in the new year. You may want to set Modafino Salon to speed dial.

A new hair color may not magically transport you to paradise island, but it can fix your limp, flyaway, hat-hair. Modafino rocks ONC’s organic hair color creating trends that are so beautiful, they’ll make you want to lose the stocking cap and sacrifice warm ears for a smoking hot new look.

For extra light platinum blondes who think their color is a little too cool, you can warm things up with a bright, Babylight Blonde. If you’re a brunette, you can update your color by switching to a fabulous Dark Chocolate and Light Caramel blend or maybe a Coffee and Tobacco combination for a hint of ginger. And for those bold and cold winter looks, an Extra Ash Blonde highlight on a dark snowy base may be the ticket.

Kamryn, Tiffany and Tommy O, all Modafino master colorists at Modafino salon, will give you all the info you need to achieve your amazing winter look. In winter, motivation and energy levels sometimes get as low as the temperature. Everyone seems to be living life beneath layers of cashmere and wool. An exceptionally great hair color can elevate your seasonally-affected look. So, to help you get your hair game together before the freeze hits your degree of enthusiasm, here are 4 of the prettiest and most popular colors, below.

Chocolate and Caramel

Classic chocolate hues get a sophisticated upgrade in 2019, driven by, face-framing, light-caramel highlights. Modafino has added dimension to the standard brunette hair with sleek, caramel highlights. This color is super easy to maintain, especially if you’re starting with a brunette base.

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Winter Ash Highlight

You can try something trendy without committing to a bleach-and-tone gray. Extra ash blonde highlights can be an intriguing option. The darkest sections, along the roots, (which are ideal for outgrowth-maintenance) with extra cool blonde (not-gray) toward your ends.

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Babylight Blonde

Is platinum fatigue upon you? You may not be ready to part with your signature, blonde-bombshell calling card.  The idea behind babylight blonde is to duplicate the natural. It is like the beach or summer-kid streaks. We simply turn the icy-cool tones to warmer pale blonde tones.

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Coffee and Tobacco

Last year’s infatuation with rich, bright, fiery colors, has evolved into a much more subdued copper tone. In 2019, subtle tones will be the ticket. Classic, coffee brown will be enhanced with all-over tobacco highlights for a look that will be as sophisticated as it is striking.

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Modafino to ‘Re-invent’ Beauty Product Retail with Launch of the MODA-CAP

Sid Munger | September 24, 2018

Modafino to ‘Re-invent’ Beauty Product Retail with Launch of the MODA-CAP

Sid Munger | September 22, 2018

On September 25th, innovative hair care startup Modafino will raise the curtain on its patent-pending device, the MODA-CAP. Modafino’s disruptive and innovative new product invention was designed to tackle several of the most critical issues hampering the beauty product retail industry, and, will be released on Kickstarter, according to a press release.

The move comes just two years after Modafino’s founding and two weeks after the MODA-CAP moved into “production-ready” status. Modafino professedly marks the device’s intention to initiate its mission to create beauty product fragrance customization, maximize retail store margin and minimize retail store footprint, online by spring 2019 and in retail stores by Christmas 2019.

The new product, detailed below, has been designed to offer retailers the ability to give point-of-sale fragrance customization to any beauty retail product when they respectively launch, online at in spring of 2019 and in retail stores by Christmas 2019.

Kickstarter Launch – Beginning on September 25th customers will have the opportunity to pre-purchase from the Kickstarter platform,  The issues of anticipation and production timelines have traditionally stood as significant hurdles for startups on Kickstarter To solve this, Modafino has the unique ability to put their existing products in the hands of their Kickstarter supporters, immediately.

Online Launch – As the online beauty product retail industry moves beyond its storefront competitors, customers will demand faster delivery of their online products. To accommodate this push, Modafino will utilize next-day delivery options, standard 2-day delivery systems as well as the Amazon marketplace. Modafino will deliver all pre-orders of the signature MODA-CAP products as a priority to its Kickstarter supporters as soon as they come off the manufacturing line, prior to offering the products to the general public.

Retail Store Launch – Few may call for a smaller in-store footprint than the storefront retail sector, which has been stung, perhaps infamously, with a recent epidemic of box-store bankruptcies. Modafino will stand as the first product in history to give customers the ability to customize their fragrance when they buy it. Modafino has targeted as potential retail store partners stores such as, Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, Target stores and more in the United States. Modafino will be releasing retail store partners in the late summer of 2019.

As the MODA-CAP bottle technology spreads its reach, all beauty product companies will take notice. Will Modafino license this technology? Only time will tell, however, for now the MODA-CAP is innovative, disruptive, smart and cutting-edge. Consumers will love the ease of use and the benefits of customizing a product’s fragrance to suit their individual lifestyle.

To Modafino’s founder and CEO Tommy O, the MODA-CAP is a device designed to turbocharge the growth and adoption of what remains an “early stage” technology. Tommy states:

“Given the fragrance-infusion technology is still in its early stages, there is still a lot of potential for customers and retailers to transform the retail industry with the MODA-CAP. Our vision for Modafino is to solve the biggest barriers in beauty product retail and the adoption of customers to our innovative fragrance infusion technology.”


Launch Party!!!

Lincoln, NE 5/31/18 – Local hair care startup company Modafino has partnered with nonprofit United Luv to donate 30 iPads to oncology units at Bryan Hospital in Lincoln in conjunction with the launch of the online store

United Luv Project, a nonprofit out of Helena, Montana was created in memory of Ryan Eaton by his brother, Dallas Eaton.  The two brothers originally began United Luv as a T-shirt company, but quickly changed focus when Ryan was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, at age 25.

During his battle with cancer, Ryan wanted to give back to others. Having spent a great deal of time in hospitals and cancer treatment centers, Ryan quickly learned that there were limited options to pass the time while undergoing treatments. He also realized how many people had to fight the battle alone. He wanted to help those individuals to connect with friends and family and saw the iPad as the perfect tool.

Dallas, along with his parents Sheldon and Vicki, decided to use 100% of the proceeds from the United Luv t-shirt sales to purchase iPads and donate them to patients and hospitals throughout the country.  Their donations have included the St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver, the Ronald McDonald House, and many others.

Modafino is a luxury hair care brand lead by master stylist Tommy Ortiz, a Lincoln native, who holds years of experience in the salon industry, creating his own line of all-natural, organic products which provide exceptional results and have a minimal impact on the environment.

The Modafino brand prides itself on being made with organic, all-natural ingredients that have been formulated to nourish, strengthen, and enhance hair health. The facility that manufactures Modafino’s products is run on 100% renewable energy and all bottles are made from 100% recycled material.  There are no toxic ingredients, harmful colors, harmful fragrances, and there is never any animal testing done with any ingredients in the Modafino products.

Modafino and United Luv are proud to come together to donate 30 iPads to Bryan Health Oncology units so that patients and families can connect with their loved ones they may be separated from, as well as pass the time during treatments and various medical procedures.  Both companies are excited to build and maintain an impactful relationship with the Lincoln community.

# # #


FRIDAY JUNE 1, 2018 @ 11:30 A.M

Media is encouraged to join Modafino and United Luv at Bryan Hospital Healing Gardens, 2300 S. 16th St.  at 11:30am Friday, June 1, 2018 as Modafino and United Luv present the iPad’s to the nurse managers of the Bryan Hospital oncology units.

Tori Haussler
CMO Modafino

Tommy O | CEO Modafino

"We are so excited to work with United Luv. This charity is very personal to me. I have had close family members, fall victim to cancer. I think what United Luv does, makes an immediate impact in the lives of those fighting a terrible disease."

David W | VP-COO Modafino

"We wanted to build a relationship with a charity that we could really get behind 110%, and truly make a difference in the community. We chose United Luv because what they are doing is above and beyond, directly impacting the lives of cancer patients."

Modafino Launch Event | Participants

Everyone that comes to our event is encouraged to give their personal experience in the fight against cancer and how this event affected them. Comments will be posted below...

The Hairdresser – Client Privilege

The Hairdresser – Client Privilege

by Sid Munger

Today’s headlines are filled with references to the attorney-client privilege. Do you have that same relationship with your hairdresser?  The sounding board that exists in most salon chairs is likened to a modern-day surrogate for the confessional or the therapist’s couch. Let’s face it, the emotional connection cultivated during every salon visit, sometimes makes the hairdresser-client relationship even more intimate.

With the social media environment of today, there is a certain desire and necessity for privacy in, at least some, of our public conversations. “Some of the most successful hairdressers I know are not the most technically talented,” says Tommy O of Modafino Salon. “Developing a relationship is all about communication and if you don’t talk, and build relationships, you won’t succeed. You really have to keep negativity out of all conversations. A wise man, my Dad, once told me, ‘Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things and small people talk about other people.’ To me, it’s like visiting Las Vegas, what’s said in my chair, stays in my chair.”

There is an artform to being a shrewd hairdresser. Some clients relish the silence. They prefer to seize the opportunity not to talk. They don’t want to give detailed life updates and prefer to relax. For them, letting the hairdresser focus on their hair is pinnacle.  “The adage of never talk about politics, sex or religion does not always apply in the salon chair. In fact, it might be the only place where clients feel like they can talk about those things. I just try to be conscious of who might be in audible distance.”

At Modafino salon, stylists use the consultation to begin and define the clients needs. “I try to get to know my clients and, bring it back around to the hair and makeup, so when we actually start the service, meaningful conversations transpire,” says Tommy O. “I consider my clients, friends. There is no better job than making your friends excited and happy about how they look and who they are. “

At Modafino Salon, you have a sounding-board in your hairdresser.  Building and maintaining an emotional connection is so important. There are some things that you never want to compromise, because the consequences can be life changing:  Your Lawyer; Your Plastic Surgeon;  Your Tattoo Artist; and finally, Your Hairdresser.

Photos by Kathy Rae Photography

New Spring Color – Bronze Glaze

Photo: Marlon Wright | Hair & Makeup: Tommy O

New Spring Color – Bronze Glaze

The Bronze Glaze color fade is a technique developed by Modafino stylists whom have been inspired, not only by, spring/summer fashion designers and trends but by our new organic color line that is currently in our membership salon working to perfection.

This technique creates dimension from the first dark beige blonde to the perfect sandy caramel background, which seduces the new bronze highlights to shimmer. The glaze effect makes her out-grown and out-dated, balayage/ombre’ hair color become reborn.

This model’s natural level is a dark brown that had previous process and pre-lightening. There was a hard line of demarcation and brassiness through the ends of her hair.