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Hairstyles That Make You Look Thinner?

Tired of old-lady hair? What if you could make your hair resist the elements, in even those rainy and steamy climates and make it always look smooth and shiny? What if it would take you only five to ten minutes to blow dry? What if your hair would almost style itself and give you back the youthful-looking hair you thought you had lost forever? Sound too good to be true? It may not be, if you consider an anti-curl treatment.

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You Want Healthy Hair?

Modafino Blogger
  • Tommy O
  • Hair Maintenance
  • April 22, 2019

You Want Healthy Hair?

You want healthy hair not just because it looks good but also because it literally indicates that you feel good.

Have you ever found yourself standing at the salon in front of rows and rows of conditioners, wondering what to buy? From daily conditioners and heat-protecting leave-in conditioners to deep conditioners and keratin masks, the options seem somewhat limitless.

The truth is, all conditioners smooth the cuticle, soften hair, add shine, and restore moisture. The trick is to use the right one all with the objective of keeping your hair healthy and enhancing your cut and style. Here are a few tips on picking the right conditioning regimen.

Use conditioner and occasionally skip shampoo

Your locks are exposed to washing, coloring, styling and the elements and all of these can dry it out. Using daily conditioner adds a layer of protection that guards against harsh products, hot tools, and everything else that’s doing a number on your hair.

If your hair is on the dry side, you may even want to use conditioner in place of your shampoo once or twice a week. Some shampoos contain strong detergents that can strip your hair of moisture. Just using conditioner helps your hair retain moisture and makes it easier to comb through but it should never totally replace shampoo. Shampoo does a better job of removing buildup.

Embrace your natural hair

Women who think conditioner makes their hair flat should not stop using it, they need to switch conditioners to something that works for them to both condition and add volume. The key is to pick one based on your texture.

If you have fine hair it may benefit from a volumizing conditioner, which adds body. If you have thick hair you may need deep conditioners that contain fatty acids to take your hair from dry to shiny.

If you have curly hair you have noticed that it is almost always dry because oils from the scalp don’t travel as easily down the hair shaft as they do with straight hair, so people with curls should use an extra-moisturizing conditioner.

But no matter what your texture, if you color your hair regularly, you need a protein conditioner made for color-treated hair.  When you color, the cuticle has to open and close to allow pigment in, which weakens strands over time. Adding protein strengthens your hair, so it will counteract any chemicals you may use on it.

Quinoa-Plex should be your new best friend

Quinoa treatments are not just for dry, damaged hair.  Everyone can benefit from a moisture treatment once a week. To get the most out of your conditioner, look for hydrolyzed protein along with moisture.

Keep your roots from getting over conditioned

If you want the maximum amount of volume or you feel like the hair near your scalp gets oily quickly, you should avoid over-moisturizing there.

Hair at the roots is conditioned on its own by the natural oils from your scalp. The hair near your scalp is healthier because it has not  been exposed to as much heat styling, chemicals or elements.

When applying daily conditioner, start at the ends then run the remainder through the rest of your hair. You should avoid the first two inches from your scalp. Leave the conditioner on for at least three to five minutes before rinsing.

Remember healthy people have lustrous, shiny and healthy hair. The hair of unhealthy people loses its luster and shows up in their appearance. So, great hair is not superficial. It may seem so because it looks good enough to envy, but remember that it literally indicates that you feel good inside and out.

What Does “Organic” Hair Color Mean?

Featured Writer
  • Sid Munger
  • What’s Next Products
  • April 17, 2019

What Does “Organic” Hair Color Mean?

All the things I know and the things I want to know: So, what does “organic” hair color mean? Here’s how the professionals see it. “Organic hair color” refers to hair color made with as many organic botanicals as possible and as few chemicals as possible. It is the same designation we use for organic food standards.

In essence, it includes botanicals grown without the use of pesticides. Although the pros know the chemistry of hair color and how it works, many of us don’t know. I think I may be able to shed some light on the term “organic hair color” and its invention.

Is there such a thing as 100% organic hair color? The simple answer is no. Even now, professional “organic hair color” must contain a certain amount of synthetic ingredients to work consistently and effectively. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a color line that uses the maximum amount of organic ingredients and the least amount of chemicals.

The only 100% natural hair color is henna. But henna doesn’t cover grey very consistently and the metallic salts can cause the hair to feel dry and damaged over time. It’s also terribly damaging when you try to lighten with it.

What to look for:

So, can organic hair color really work and leave my hair in great condition? If you remember, no professional organic hair color brand is 100% natural. Any organic hair color product has to contain certain chemicals necessary to stick to your hair.  When you start looking for an organic hair color, what you need to ask about is percentages. Specifically, what is their percentage of:

  • Pigments (PPDs, PTDS)
  • pH Adjuster (Ethanolamine)
  • Organic Ingredients (botanicals only)
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Naturally Derived Ingredients

Once you’ve established the percentages of these, you’ll see which brand is the most “organic” and best for you.

Ammonia is not your friend.

The is a lot of talk about ammonia being considered organic. The best professional organic hair colors have zero ammonia in their formulas. Clearly ammonia is a chemical organic compound. Not an organic botanical ingredient. In technical terms, an organic compound means its molecules contain carbon and that is all. Just remember, ammonia found in hair color is not extracted from the soil or our bodies, it’s produced in a lab and has zero natural components.

Ammonia-free hair color doesn’t necessarily mean your hair will be healthier or that you won’t have an adverse reaction. While most ammonia-free hair colors won’t have the fume-like aroma from the ammonia, they can still do more damage than necessary to the hair.

Most organic color brands use Ethanolamine (MEA) to replace ammonia without considering the percentages of the ingredient. Both Ethanolamine and ammonia open up the cuticle layer of the hair so the color molecules can penetrate.

Too much of either ingredient, will drastically alter the pH levels and the cuticle will have difficulty re-closing, even with an amazing conditioner. This will cause dull and dry hair that is a mess to untangle. Also, hair color will fade faster because of the cuticle’s inability to close and lock in molecules.

Check out Modafino Salon.

Why is Modafino organic hair color the best choice? They offer an ammonia-free hair color line that uses a pH adjuster in minimal amounts. They also make sure, all Ethanolamine (MEA) is removed from the hair, while keeping the working pH of the color much lower than any other ammonia-free hair color brand. To learn more about Modafino’s Organic Color system you can book a FREE consultation or stop by the salon.

4 Amazing Hair Colors for Winter 2019

4 Amazing Hair Colors for Winter 2019

The NEW Modafino Winter hair colors for 2019 are amazing!  Below is just a sample of what we are doing this Winter. We have compiled a variety of colors for you to customize to your specific look.  These 4 amazing hair colors for Winter will be everywhere in the new year. You may want to set Modafino Salon to speed dial.

A new hair color may not magically transport you to paradise island, but it can fix your limp, flyaway, hat-hair. Modafino rocks ONC’s organic hair color creating trends that are so beautiful, they’ll make you want to lose the stocking cap and sacrifice warm ears for a smoking hot new look.

For extra light platinum blondes who think their color is a little too cool, you can warm things up with a bright, Babylight Blonde. If you’re a brunette, you can update your color by switching to a fabulous Dark Chocolate and Light Caramel blend or maybe a Coffee and Tobacco combination for a hint of ginger. And for those bold and cold winter looks, an Extra Ash Blonde highlight on a dark snowy base may be the ticket.

Kamryn, Tiffany and Tommy O, all Modafino master colorists at Modafino salon, will give you all the info you need to achieve your amazing winter look. In winter, motivation and energy levels sometimes get as low as the temperature. Everyone seems to be living life beneath layers of cashmere and wool. An exceptionally great hair color can elevate your seasonally-affected look. So, to help you get your hair game together before the freeze hits your degree of enthusiasm, here are 4 of the prettiest and most popular colors, below.

Chocolate and Caramel

Classic chocolate hues get a sophisticated upgrade in 2019, driven by, face-framing, light-caramel highlights. Modafino has added dimension to the standard brunette hair with sleek, caramel highlights. This color is super easy to maintain, especially if you’re starting with a brunette base.

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Winter Ash Highlight

You can try something trendy without committing to a bleach-and-tone gray. Extra ash blonde highlights can be an intriguing option. The darkest sections, along the roots, (which are ideal for outgrowth-maintenance) with extra cool blonde (not-gray) toward your ends.

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Babylight Blonde

Is platinum fatigue upon you? You may not be ready to part with your signature, blonde-bombshell calling card.  The idea behind babylight blonde is to duplicate the natural. It is like the beach or summer-kid streaks. We simply turn the icy-cool tones to warmer pale blonde tones.

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Coffee and Tobacco

Last year’s infatuation with rich, bright, fiery colors, has evolved into a much more subdued copper tone. In 2019, subtle tones will be the ticket. Classic, coffee brown will be enhanced with all-over tobacco highlights for a look that will be as sophisticated as it is striking.

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New Spring Color – Bronze Glaze

Photo: Marlon Wright | Hair & Makeup: Tommy O

New Spring Color – Bronze Glaze

The Bronze Glaze color fade is a technique developed by Modafino stylists whom have been inspired, not only by, spring/summer fashion designers and trends but by our new organic color line that is currently in our membership salon working to perfection.

This technique creates dimension from the first dark beige blonde to the perfect sandy caramel background, which seduces the new bronze highlights to shimmer. The glaze effect makes her out-grown and out-dated, balayage/ombre’ hair color become reborn.

This model’s natural level is a dark brown that had previous process and pre-lightening. There was a hard line of demarcation and brassiness through the ends of her hair.

Supermodel Video – Our Models

Our Supermodels

All of the models in this video we work with through our great Photographer Gary Brown. If you are interested in becoming a Modafino Supermodel, Let us know and we will set up an interview.

Our Rising Stars

Rising Star – Grace Giebler

Grace is our very first rising star. She is a very talented and up and coming vocalist from Omaha, Nebraska.